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Grover’s Cure

It was 1956, the New York Yankees won the World Series, a first class postage stamp was three cents, “Giant” and “The King and I” were popular movies, “I Love Lucy” was the most popular TV show and “The Great Pretender” was number one on Billboard’s hit parade.

Grover Felton was an older man perhaps in his mid-to-late 70s. He lived alone and depended upon his sister to look in on him from time to time. Several times a year, due to loneliness or just feeling sorry for himself he would develop a series of symptoms, both real and imagined, sufficient to convince his doctor that he needed to be admitted to the local clinic hospital for a few days. There he had a warm bed, received good meals and enjoyed the around-the-clock attention of the nurses.

One evening, shortly after supper Grover started complaining of pain in his stomach. The nurse checked him and found nothing wrong. She offered him a Tums and a peppermint candy. When he put in his mouth he noticed that he didn't have his lower teeth. He called out for the nurse and explained “I've think I swallowed my lower teeth. I had them when I ate supper but they're not in my mouth now and my stomach is killing me.”

 The nurse checked to be sure his teeth were missing and not in his denture cup. All the while Grover’s abdominal pain got worse. Because his uppers were in place and she didn't find his lowers she called the doctor. The doctor said, “If he has swallowed his teeth we can’t do anything about that here, we will have to send them over to Memphis. I’ll call the hospital and tell them he is on the way; you get him ready for transport.”

Arrangements were quickly made for an ambulance and paramedics to transport Grover to the Baptist Hospital in Memphis. About 20 min. into the trip the paramedics noticed that they were being chased by the state troopers. The troopers pulled them over.

Grover was moaning with pain, in the back of the ambulance.  The paramedic asked, “What's wrong we have a critical patient here that we need to get to the hospital in Memphis why are you stopping us?”

“We have a message for you from the hospital in Cardwell,” said the Officer. “They told us to tell you to bring the patient back, the nurses found Grover's lower teeth between the sheets in his bed.”

Upon hearing that Grover's pain immediately went away. He was returned to the hospital and insisted on being discharged the very next day. Grover didn’t die of disgrace and humiliation but he never negotiated a stay in the local hospital again. –CP May 4, 2013




                 Small Town USA

A recent road trip had us passing through many small towns. There are towns off the main road. Then there are towns off the back road. Weldon, Arkansas is off Highway 17 and Jackson County Road 22; neither are main roads unless you live in Weldon.

The homes of the 100 residents looked neat, almost prosperous although the median annual income is probably less than $30k. No doubt, everyone took pride in what God had given them. No one is struggling or living below the poverty line.

We didn’t see many people. Those we saw seemed happy, curious, and carefree with no concern about what is going on in Egypt or even Washington, DC. Their crops were green and abundant. The road was smooth. I got lost in my mind, everything was so Peaceful and unfamiliar. I didn’t recognize any place or the feelings I felt… but I yearned to.

June 25, 2012




Why I like my new book

Primarily because I did it all myself; all the stories are from my imagination and are recorded as if I personally witnessed the story-line images. The essays are mostly fragments of memories, some enhanced with maybes, or could-have-beens, born of later events or experiences. Others are simply the result of mental fits of anger, love, pride, or remorse thoughtfully presented.

I did all the mechanical tasks myself; the design, typing, layout, selecting the images and arranging the mundane but necessary nits associated with finally publishing. All of this is to efficiently mark the end of a project that has stimulated and amused me for the last few years.

I encounter a lot of people who say they don’t read books; that’s a shame. However, I believe that even they would enjoy this book. I think they would learn to find a few minutes away from their busy lives to savor the taste of a different perspective.

Not only a good read but a great gift for almost anyone.

Available at Amazon, Lulu, and this website under Books