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In Defense of Right-Wing Conservatives

 A scotoma is a visual defect or blind spot. People with this condition cannot see objects that fall within the affected area in their visual field. It’s as though the objects are just not there. Fortunately, in most cases, slightly shifting one’s point of view brings the objects into view.

The term scotoma is also used in psychology to refer to an individual's inability to perceive, often bothersome, personality traits in themselves that may be obvious to others. They are blind to these; they do not exist.

 I believe that there is yet another condition; a powerful ideological scotoma that presents its victims with a distorted view of the world. Facts and truths that fall outside the bounds of their ideology do not exist and are not processed as part of logical thinking. This condition, suffered by many Right-Wing Conservatives, is a kind of mental illness giving rise to illogical behavior and the creation of elaborate campaigns filled with fabrications and cleverly stated misinformation.

It’s not their fault; we have to be tolerant they just can’t see what is right before them. Confronting them with credible facts furthers their disillusionment resulting in more bizarre fabrications.

I do not know of an effective treatment for this condition; for friends and family I suggest that achieving personal maturity may alleviate some of the symptoms. Asking questions in a private forum sometimes allows them to hear how out of touch they are and leads to a shift in point of view. Searching for common ground is always a good strategy.

I wonder and worry about our world often - but then sometimes I just wonder what’s for supper; these are the best times.

 “Whatever is, is right.” –Alexander Pope (1688-1744)