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About this Site

About this Site – You are here. This page describes the various section of the website. You are welcome to visit often as changes can be expected. I hope you enjoy your visit and will leave a comment.

Home This is the default starting page. It will present the latest article(s). Articles from this page may be archived to the Cyber Potpourri section when replaced.

Advocacy – Contains thought provoking commentary on local, state, and national issues; it also contains comments on social and moral concerns affecting the human condition in general. This section may contain guest commentaries that present ideas and observations that resonate with my philosophy.

Cyber Potpourri – This section may contain anything; it includes records of rip-offs I have experienced as well as acknowledgement of extraordinary service rendered to me or others. Descriptions of completed projects and projects in process are included.

Comments Button – Presents a form for leaving a comment or requesting information. Comments may be left anonymously. (But why would you want to?)

Books – Presents books that are available to purchase. For payment you are taken to a secure site “PayPal” where you can choose to pay with a credit card or via PayPal service. A PayPal account is not necessary to pay with a Credit Card. PayPal offers a safe and secure method of purchasing items over the internet.

Links – Includes web links to recommended sites of general interest with a list of links of particular interest to writers. Please suggest useful sites to include here via email or Click Comments.


Meet Charles Prier

          "Sometimes my values, priorities, and prejudices collide with a memory or something I hear or read and an idea is born. The idea may lead to the solution to a problem or become the cause of another. Often it just serves to adjust my priorities and prejudices. Occasionally the idea leads to selecting and scribbling words to validate, clarify, and make it useful or entertaining. I enjoy the challenge of bringing together the words in a sequence that enables sharing the ideas with others.”  –Charles

           Charles Prier has been writing for more than twenty years. Early on, he wrote technical papers that were published in trade publications. He wrote family newsletters featuring stories of true events, country legends, and family history. For several years he wrote newspaper columns concerning political matters, often taking a hard line on local issues affecting the community - especially those that hinted at incompetence by elected officials or candidates for offices.

For fun he writes short stories and monologues often with a project theme. He publishes his projects as a celebration of their completion. Currently three of his books are available from this website.